Lori & Greg - Engagement Pictures

Lori & Greg are getting married on May 22nd! I love the story of how they met! We all drove over to Macon together and I really enjoyed getting to know them better. They are so chill and I love it. We had a very adventurous time in Macon! I'm so stoked about their wedding! I just love stories of how people meet!!!! Here is their story, by Lori:

First of all, we have to thank Drew (Greg's cousin)... if it wasn't for him, Greg and I may not have met and been here to tell "our story". I (Lori) met Drew when I was in high school at Woodland Christian Camp- we became friends and kept in touch over a few years. When I told Drew I had decided to go to Georgia College and State University for college he said "oh, you have to meet my cousin Greg then, he goes there". So I sent Greg a message on facebook introducing myself before even moving away to college.

It wasn't until the the second semester of my Freshman year that I actually met Greg... I was driving back to my dorm after hanging out with some high school friends with Ashley Hannah (one of my bridesmaids) when i realized that I had forgotten my phone- and turned around to go get it. I was completely frazzled having not been able to find my phone, that I had forgotten to turn my headlights on. While driving in front of campus (which is very well lit at midnight, I must say!), i noticed a police car turn on his blue lights behind me. So as I'm discussing with Ashley what i could have possibly done wrong- the officer walks up to the car... and Ashley says "Hey, i think That guy is in my psychology class"... At this point, I knew it had to be Greg. When he told me he pulled me over for driving with no lights on, I was completely embarrassed (and not looking so cute in my hoodie and camo hat).

Anyways, long story short... Greg only recognized me after looking at my driver's license and made a joke about how i wasn't going to say hey to him. I got off without a ticket... and we started talking via facebook, instant messenger, and the phone. He was shy at first but he finally asked me out and everything fell into place nicely :)

I'm in love with her shoes!