Justin Asks Candice to be His Wife - Macon Georgia Proposal Story

HEY! I'm back to the real world. We're back from our honeymoon and I'm catching up on everything. I'll try to blog about our wedding (click that link to view the pictures our AMAZING photographers did for us) after I catch up on blogging the weddings I photographed in October-November. I basically decided to stop blogging after September so that I could focus and plan ours;)  I photographed 5 weddings in October and 1 in November. Needless to say it was BUSY! :) Before I blog the other weddings I HAD to blog about this proposal that went down on Friday night! Nobody has time to wait to see proposal pictures right?!

A few weeks ago, Justin called me to ask me if I would photograph him proposing to Candice. I've known Candice her entire life, literally, so I was ecstatic!

Justin & Candice have been best friends since the spring of 2010. Justin asked Candice out the day before her 19th birthday (April 14, 2012). On their 1 year and 8 month anniversary Justin asked Candice to be his wife.

Here is the story...

Justin asked Ben and I to be at Taste & See Coffee Shop around 5PM Friday evening. He and Candice would come in on their date night and randomly say hey to us as we were on our date, get their coffee, and then go pray in the prayer room in the back (yes, this coffee shop has a prayer room, how cool is that?!). As soon as they walked away from us and to the counter it was my cue to text Candice's mom & sister who were eagerly waiting about 5 minutes away with about 30 other people.


After everyone arrived, Daniel's job (far left) was to text Justin about a Braves game or something random so that he would know to come out.


The Taste & See Coffee Shop people were amazing!




Candice's brother Blane started playing and singing "Marry Me" by: Train as soon as they walked out. Candice & Justin just kept crying and dancing.



Thanks to my husband Ben for getting a different angle for me!

ashahphotography_1501ashahphotography_1503Pure bliss...


Candice's sister-in-law Rebekah FaceTimed with Candice's brother Caleb (who is in the military overseas) so he wouldn't miss it.


Ecclesiastes 3:11 He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.