Downtown Macon Photo Shoot - Sarah+Matt

Sarah + Matt


"God providentially brought us to Macon for what we initially thought was for our jobs.  Little did we know what would happen in the next year. Matt moved to Macon to complete an internship at First Presbyterian Church and began working with inner city students at Campus Clubs. Sarah had just graduated from nursing school and started a job at the Medical Center. Sarah started attending FPC and the bible study they had for young adults, which is where we first laid eyes on each other. We made eye contact several times throughout the weeks at the bible study but never had an actual conversation. Sarah started working night shift and because of her work schedule we didn't see each other for a while. Matt says when we did see each other, he felt as if someone chopped his tongue off.
We finally had our first conversation on the young adult fall retreat in Helen. The group stopped to eat lunch at a BBQ restaurant. Matt had already eaten so he was sitting down at a long picnic table waiting for everyone else. Sarah was one of the first in line and once she got her food, she plopped down right in front of Matt. He says he remembers feeling like his heart was going to climb up his throat and jump out onto the table. He quickly tried to think of a good first question to ask her and said, "So, I hear you're a nurse…how is that going?"... Later that day, as we were hiking the conversation just kept flowing as we discovered how much we had in common. There was definitely a spark that went off for both of us and we were always finding ways to be around each other.
Not long after the retreat Sarah began volunteering at Campus Clubs on her off days. The two of us would talk when we crossed paths but what was most impressionable was getting to see each other's character as we served the kids around us.
A few months went by and finally Matt got up the courage to ask Sarah on a date. She said yes! We enjoyed our first date at the Georgia Aquarium. As we were walking around at the aquarium, we both realized that there was something very special about each other. Matt had prayed and asked close friends to pray for our first date. As we sat watching the dolphin show Matt says he was in a sea of peace and comfort next to Sarah. For Sarah, this was unlike any other date she had been on in that she wasn't a nervous wreck but had the same feeling of peace with Matt.
Not long after our first date Matt asked Sarah to be his girlfriend. Fast forward eight months- we traveled to Nashville for what Sarah thought was only to visit some friends. Little did she know Matt would ask her to be his wife forever…"



"The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock."  Matt 7:25

"Sarah came across this verse and it reiterated the truth that Christ would be the rock for our relationship. We know we can only love and serve each other because Christ first loved and served us."

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