Macon Georgia Engagement Shoot - Carmen + Brannon

Carmen + Brannon


"Carmen and I met  our freshman year while attending Georgia Southern University. We both participated in Greek life activities where our paths would cross from time to time. At that point in our lives, if you were to tell Carmen or myself that 5 years later we would be engaged to be married, we would have had a good laugh. As semesters came and went, Carmen and I would run into each other every now and then but were not “close" by any stretch of the imagination. That is until our junior year, when Carmen and I both “happened” to attend the Bon Hommes Debutante Ball in Macon. I say “happened” because I believe that our attending the Debutante Ball was not by chance but part of a bigger plan that God had in store for us both. We danced, laughed and truly enjoyed each other’s company. The following day, I sent Carmen a message explaining how much fun I had with her the night before. At the time, I'm sure Carmen was probably thinking "Why on earth is Brannon Combs texting me?” But after a few weeks of talking and several date requests denied, she finally agreed to let me take her out on a date. I believe that God has a plan for everyone, and I'm glad that his plan for me brought Carmen and I together."



Because of Brannon's love for music, we had to do a few in front of the old Capricorn Studio!ashahphotography_7257ashahphotography_7258ashahphotography_7261ashahphotography_7263ashahphotography_7265ashahphotography_7266ashahphotography_7279 ashahphotography_7270ashahphotography_7271ashahphotography_7277ashahphotography_7276




Carmen & Brannon, I LOVED photographing y'all. I can't wait until January!! - Ashah