Milledgeville Georgia Engagement - Lauryn + Nolan

Lauryn + Nolan


"Since we are considered “high school sweethearts”, I guess I’m supposed to start in high school, but my crush on Lauryn actually began when I first started at GMC in 6th grade. All 4 feet, 90 pounds of me had a huge crush on the cute 8th grade girl named Lauryn Dennard. It wasn’t until I was in 10th grade and she was a senior when she finally started paying me a little attention. She was the star basketball player at the time and I just happened to be on the basketball team so we got to know each other through basketball. Then during baseball season she became the baseball manager so we got to spend even more time together. One night after an away game she asked me to go watch a local high school prom with her, of course I said yes, even though I had never been that nervous at that point in my life. Little did I know that would be the start of a relationship that led us to where we are now. Fast forward to over 5 years later and I experienced what is now for sure the most nerve racking night of my life. I didn’t think I’d be nervous to ask her to marry me, but when I realized how lucky I would be if she said yes I was more nervous than I had ever been. Lucky for me she said yes and I am so excited I get to spend my life with her! I will tell anyone that Lauryn is the strongest person I’ve ever met, and she has the biggest heart that you could ever imagine. I’m thankful for her and am so glad I went through the most nerve racking night of my life to get to spend a lifetime with her."


"Nolan and I first started “talking” (every highschooler’s version of dating) in the Spring of my senior year. We had known each other forever but never imagined that we would be engaged to be married! My senior year, he was the star baseball player (as a sophomore) and I was the manager on the baseball team. That’s how it all started. At first, I was attracted by his athletic ability, but the more we talked and hung out with each other, the more I started to fall in love with his other qualities. He is great with kids, easy on the eyes, and most importantly a man of God. I mean what more could a girl ask for? On April 8, 2010, after about a month of “talking” he finally asked me to be his girlfriend, “officially” (facebook and all). Since that day, I continue to fall more and more and love with him as each day passes.

Nolan has been such a light in my life. He has stood by my side through the many trials that life has thrown me. I can always count on him to give me the most sound advice for whatever I was going through. We have traveled many miles with each other and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side through the many adventures of life. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us as we embark on this new chapter."

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