Dublin Georgia Wedding - Kellie + Blake

Kellie + Blake

How did y'all meet?
"He is my brother's best friend!! Whoops! ;)"


It rained during some of their photos but they just rolled with it! I loved their attitude!

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Kellie's brother was her man-of-honor:) So sweet!ashahphotography_8670ashahphotography_8671ashahphotography_8672ashahphotography_8673ashahphotography_8674ashahphotography_8683ashahphotography_8675ashahphotography_8676ashahphotography_8677ashahphotography_8678ashahphotography_8679ashahphotography_8680ashahphotography_8681ashahphotography_8694ashahphotography_8686ashahphotography_8688ashahphotography_8689ashahphotography_8691ashahphotography_8692ashahphotography_8693ashahphotography_8734ashahphotography_8735ashahphotography_8736ashahphotography_8696ashahphotography_8705ashahphotography_8697ashahphotography_8698ashahphotography_8700ashahphotography_8701ashahphotography_8702ashahphotography_8703ashahphotography_8704ashahphotography_8706ashahphotography_8707ashahphotography_8708ashahphotography_8709ashahphotography_8710ashahphotography_8711ashahphotography_8712ashahphotography_8713ashahphotography_8714ashahphotography_8715ashahphotography_8716ashahphotography_8718ashahphotography_8720ashahphotography_8721ashahphotography_8731

The Rad Gif booth was a HIT!!!


Kellie's brother giving the toast....


  What was your first dance song?

"You (Wedding Song) by Jason Cassidy"


How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on the wedding day?
"I was speechless when I saw Blake. I had butterflies and I was excited and nervous all at the same time. Since Blake serves in the Air Force, I never really got to see him all dressed up before the wedding because he was always in uniform but when I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around, I thought "Dang! My soon to be husband is HANDSOME!" but that wasn't anything I didnt already know. ;) "

What was the most memorable moment of the day?
"This is a tough one. Mama gave me bracelets that had the words from the book "Love You Forever" on them and that brought me to tears.. easily. Also, my first looks with Daddy and Blake were both so sweet and each of them brought me to tears. They were both very special in their own way and they each had very different but great reactions.. especially considering they didn't expect to see a two-peice wedding dress when they turned around!! With my brother standing behind me as my Man of Honor, I will never forget him holding my bouquet and fluffing my dress during the ceremony while everyone laughed at him. Man of Honor duties, right?!"

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything? 
"I wouldn't have changed anything. Blake says he would bring a spare pair of boxers if he could do it again. Hahahaha :D"

Do you have any advice to other brides & grooms?
"Have a first look and be sure to enjoy every little thing!! I promise, you will not regret it. Blake and I went back and forth about it but we are so glad we did it in the long run. We got to share so many special moments together before the ceremony and we got our nerves out of the way beforehand. In the end, we were just as married and just as happy and that is all that matters!"

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
"We went to New Orleans on the way to Albuquerque."

Ceremony Location: Pine Forest United Methodist Church

Reception Location: The Ice House

Florist: Luella - Mindy Lord

Hair: Gracie Ivey - J. Keyton Salon & Spa

Makeup: Robbie Wilkes

Dress: Watters

Shoes: AX Paris

Caterer & Cakes: Lori Thigpen

DJ: Judah Press Entertainment