Richard & Lindsey.....!!!!

I met Lindsey about five years ago at a Bible study in Wilkinson County. Over the years I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her. She's a sweet, caring and  fun person to be around...she's basically the bomb. You may remember her from Maggie & Justin's wedding pictures from earlier this year. I met Richard three years later in 2008, at this point Lindsey had moved from GCSU to UGA. I was introduced to Richard at a 4th of July church fellowship they came to after running  the Peachtree Road Race together. I was trying to take some volleyball pictures and I made him hold my Diet Mountain Dew...for about an hour. We've been friends ever since.

Fast forward to September of 2008, I went to Athens for a photography convention. Richard and my friend Leah (who went to UGA) modeled for me after the convention so that I could practice what I had learned. Click here to see those images.  Lindsey wasn't there because she had class at the time.

Fast forward to November 15, 2008 Richard and Lindsey finally became official!!!! All the hanging out, studying, talking and running  "just as friends" made them fall for each other:):):)

Fast forward to May 2009, I had another photography convention to attend and they all modeled for me again. Click here to see those images. Basically, they've been a huge help to me with my photography. It's so good to practice what you learned right after being taught so you can get the hands on experience while it's fresh on your mind. I'll always be grateful for that. They are awesome!!!

So, as you can see, I've been waiting to do this engagement session for a couple of years now. I kept asking Richard when he was going to pop the question but he always told me to shut up, until about six months ago he said, "I'm going to soon but don't say anything!"  He was so nervous! He planned out a super sweet proposal at Henry's Lake at Yellowstone! Woohoo! Yay for a perfect couple!!!

I'm so excited about this marriage!!!

They're crazy;)

We stopped to eat at one of their favorite restaurants Taqueria del sol!

Okay, I just had to include this next picture. While Lindsey & Richard were being so adorable together doing the above images...this lady just pops in and does the best photo bomb ever! They didn't see her until afterwards. I was dying laughing. It made my day;)

Now for some UGA campus pictures...

This would be where where they studied for hours together. This is part of where it all started with many many conversations that took part in them falling for each other...

School Teacher & Pharmacist

I've never seen so many facial expressions throughout one photo shoot in my life...this couple is full of them, I love it!

I love y'all so much!!!