Amy + Josh = Wright

I am currently on my way to Texas right now to shoot another wedding. I've never blogged from 40,000(ish) feet before but here goes! Amy & Josh got married this past Saturday at the Hay House in Macon, Georgia. It is such a gorgeous historical place. Amy told me that their wedding would be "victorian themed with a modern twist". I think that description nailed it. It was so cool! I also like the fact that these pictures are different than my normal type of wedding photos.

Venue: Hay House

Hair & Makeup: Kristina Wright

Catering: Anderson't Bakery & Catering - Tammy Anderson

Cake Artist: Anderson't Bakery & Catering - Tammy Anderson

Florist: Anderson't Bakery & Catering - Tammy Anderson

DJ: Beat House Productions

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As the bridal party got ready, tornado sirens started going off, it started raining and hailing, but nothing stopped Amy & Josh from getting hitched ;)

My amazing assistant(and cousin) Deborah did this picture below! Get it Debo! ;)

Deborah also did this picture below!

I know this is random BUT, Josh and the groomsmen kept looking at random things and saying "Would ya look at that?!"It's from a popular YouTube video by Ed Bassmaster! I thought it was hilarious because I LOVE that video!

Here is the part where I get hit in the head with hail a few times;)

Deborah also did the image below!

I thought this was such a cool idea. Basically it starts off with this tree and then all the guests come in and press one of there fingers in ink and then make "leaves" on the branches. Amy's sweet sister-in-law drew the tree!

Amy & Josh's first dance as a married couple. It started off nice and slow.....

It got a little faster....

THEN they busted out to some Soulja Boy and Superman!

Congrats Amy & Josh! I LOVED shooting your wedding!