Augusta Georgia Engagement! Jordan+Steffi - Engaged!

I am completely stoked to show these images of my big brother and the love of his life, Steffi. They will be getting married in Valencia, California on July 1st this year. Our entire family (6 brothers, 2 brother-in-laws, 3 sisters, 1 sister-in-law, and 3 grandkids) will be flying out there to witness this amazing event! I couldn't be more happy for these two. Steffi is such an amazing woman and my entire family is so stoked to have her join us! Jordan is one of a kind. I look up to him so much and his walk with the Lord. He's the best big brother ever! I love both of you so much!!!!!!! Here is their story, from Jordan........

I met Steffi during a road trip out to California with some friends early last year. I still remember how we met that day and the impression she left on me. I was able to hang out with her and several other mutual friends that night in Santa Monica. We had such a great time and I couldn’t get out of my head how attractive she was, her smiling face, and how she laughed at everything! She was so much fun to be around and I wished I could have been around her more that weekend. I was able to see her one more time at the church she went to, Grace Community, before I left. As I was leaving I remember looking back as she gave me this sad puppy dog look. That definitely did something to me. I didn’t know then if I would ever get to be around her again. It worked out for me to go back out there for a conference a couple months later at that same church she attended. We made plans to hang out again while I was out there. I very smoothly got her to put her number in my phone on that trip :). We began chatting back and forth through facebook and text messages for about a month after that and then I couldn’t stand it any longer. I had to call her. I couldn’t think of a good reason to call her so I was really nervous just calling her out of the blue to say hi. Well the phone call went well and I called her a couple more times over the next few weeks. Finally about a month of doing that I wanted to tell her my intentions. Being very nervous again I barely could get out what I wanted to say but I did and she said she wanted the same thing. I was so excited! In May I flew out there just to see her. That weekend I began to fall really hard for Steffi. Since that time I have been able to get to know her very well and she is so amazing to me. She is a beautiful, godly woman, who is fun and exciting to be around. She is encouraging and pushes me towards Christ. She is one of the most caring people I know and I am so blessed by the Lord to have her in my life, let alone be marrying her. I’ve prayed for a wife a long time and the Lord has answered my prayer way above what I could ever ask for.