My New Ad!

I just created a 8"x12" ad that I'm going to try to put around town in a few places.

Here is a description of each shot....:)

~The picture on the left is one of my brides Karen. This picture was taken in her hotel room in Valdosta.

~The picture in the middle is of Karen again and her husband Justin. This was an awesome place (I think an old theater) called the 'Dosta'.
~The picture on the top right is of Chelsea and this was taken underneath the river bridge in Milledgeville.
~The daddy/baby picture is pretty special to me because I photographed their wedding a few years ago and then had the honor of photographing their new baby girl just a couple of weeks after she was born:)
~The bench picture on the bottom is of Becky and Rob. This was taken in Washington Park in Macon.