Scott - GCSU Senior

Scott is a GCSU senior this year! We have been trying to do these for several weeks now. The weather rained us out, sickness was another delay, and then FINALLY this shoot happend! We were all glad it finally worked out! Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot. We had a nice little adventure all around downtown Milledgeville.

I know this is random, but look at the bottom of this post for a story about his parents.


For the past month or so Scott's mother Lori and I have been emailing back and forth scheduling and discussing this photo shoot of Scott. This past weekend, Lori emailed me an extremely sweet message. She was looking through my blog and saw where I mentioned how I love hearing stories of how people meet. She decided to tell me her and her husband's story. I'll let you just read what she wrote me!  I thought this was so cool! She also mentioned in another email how every Friday night is still "date night". How cool is that? After 30 something years of being married, still dating each other!  Thanks for being such a great example!

My husband and I met on a MARTA bus in Atlanta in the fall of 1977. I was sitting on the side seat behind the driver, and Bob was standing in front of me holding on to the overhead rail in this very crowded bus. I am proud to say that after over 30 years together, he is still the love of my life!

They were also published on CNN last Valentines Day and it tells more of their story..... Click here to view it!