Engagement Shoot in the Fog:)

Here is an engagement shoot I did yesterday. They fell in love with each other at this lake. They clearly have it bad for each other ;) They were such a great couple and so sweet. I didn't realized how sweet until we were just finishing up the photo shoot when, all of a sudden, I pretty much tripped. Yes, tripped over an invisible curb. It was like slow motion, I fell and cut my knee as well as my jeans. They were very concerned, and I was laughing(but a little red from embarrassment;). It was so funny. I tried to assure them that I never trip (yeah right). I finally told them, okay I trip a lot. They (and her daughter!) were so sweet and made sure I got cleaned up, bandaged up, and feeling good before I left. Thanks again y'all!

So, should I tell everybody on here that I trip? Probably not...I can hear it now, "hey honey, she probably trips at weddings too, do you think she'll fall at ours and ruin it?" Well, it hasn't happened so far but I make no promises :)

-My lovely knee:)