My Mom & Dad

These are my parents, Mike and Jackie Wood. I'll just go ahead and tell you, I have the coolest parents in the world. God has blessed me so much with these two people. I look up to them so much. They just celebrated 31 years of marriage a few days ago. They are still crazy about each other. Although, growing up, us kids(all 9 of us) have always said they gross us out when they hug or kiss in front of us(we were/are immature okay!) but in all honestly I bet all of us kids would admit that it's so comforting to see a married couple, still happy and flirty after all this time. We can always tell that they are still best friends. I can count on my hands the times they've argued in front of us. I know they've argued (duh) of course, but they always tried to at least do it in private rather than in front of us kids. I think that arguing in front of your kids hurts them in a lot of ways, and I just wanted to throw that in here too for when you are parents. They really show a lot of respect for each other and that makes a world of difference.

I asked Momito(that's what I call her - I think I thought it was Spanish when I first started calling her that, but found out later that it wasn't, but the name stuck) to give advice to young engaged or married couples and here is what she said....

"As Mike and I have reflected on our 31 years of marriage, we understand that coming to a place of commitment to Christ and being satisfied in Him alone before marriage was/is the most crucial factor. “We” are a priority in each day as we get up early each morning to have coffee together and have what we call our Quiet Time where we read God’s Word together, pray and discuss the plans for the day…sometimes not all three, but the effort is there. We have endeavored to be and remain best friends."

Okay, I know it seems like all I'm doing is bragging on my parents(which, that's definitely part of this blog post), but I also really want to encourage engaged or married couples with this. I don't really know much about relationships myself, so I wanted to encourage y'all through my parents example. I love love love shooting weddings. I love helping show through my pictures, the love that you and your fiance'/husband have for each other. More importantly than that, I care about and pray for your marriages.


This is all of us together!



HEY!!!! I've had so much going on in the last month. I've been so excited about this blog post and I've finally been able to do it today! Monica & Matt are my best friend Michelle's sister & brother-in-law.

Location: Huntsville, Texas aka my second home!

Let me tell you a little story. Monica & Matt met at Kaldis (a small coffee shop in Huntsville, Texas - GO SAM!). It was there that they started getting to know each other, talking about their mutual desire for Christ, sharing their testimonies and well, falling in love with each other.

Three years ago this month I flew to Texas to shoot their engagement pictures. I went through my old files and found these!

At Kaldis, doing their favorite thing.


A few months later....they got married...I did their rehearsal pictures & their wedding pictures....

This past November (2009) Abby came into the picture!!! I met up their family in Panama City Beach, Florida and did a maternity shoot of them.


Last month they flew me to Texas to do Abby's very first photo shoot!


Monica reading the Bible to little Abby.


They are such amazing parents! I'm so proud of them! It has been SUCH an honor to photograph the story of your lives. I love y'all so much!

Love,  Ashah