Georgia Wedding - Texas Style - Hailey Jo+Matt=Fowler

Hailey Jo and Matt are two really great friends of mine whom I ADORE. Hailey Jo is always such an encouragement to me and Matt, well, I just can't stop laughing at his constant jokes. They are such a joy to be around. They are originally from Texas, so we also share a mutual love for that glorious state. Their story is different from most, they became close through difficult circumstances. In the end, God used it for HIS GLORY. Their lives and marriage is such a testimony of God's goodness.

They got married at "The Cabin" in Irwinton, Georgia. It's where Phil Mills has his college Bible study every Thursday night. They made it into a perfect wedding location! I loved it!

Hair: Kristin Mills Nixon

Makeup: Maggie Nelson Mills

Wedding Coordinator: Betsy Prestwood


Check out their engagement picturesΒ here!

The "First Look" - Hailey thought Matt was going to be the cry baby but as soon as she walked up, she had to stop and "pull it together" herself;). It was so precious.

I am pretty sure he adores this woman:)

Hailey's dad getting to see her for the first time....I've gotten choked up almost every time I've looked at these....

Β Sixpence for her shoe....

"Uncle Matt - Here Comes Your Girl"

As Matt looked at his best man for the ring, he gave him a blow pop instead....?! Haha!

Mrs. Emma Helms did a fabulous job on the cakes!