A Home Depot Proposal - Nick Asks Cassi to be His Wife

SAY WHAT?! Home Depot?! Hold up, here goes -  I got a call on Monday morning from my friend Nick. He wanted me to photograph him proposing to Cassi(another good friend of mine) that night at Home Depot. The Home Depot in Dublin, Georgia is where they first met and went on their first date. He set everything up with me via video and another phone call later that day showing me exactly where to be and when.  

Nick picked Cassi up for their date, it was raining and Cassi asked him if she could stay in the car. He told her he needed help picking out a light so she really needed to come in. When they walked in she told Nick, "You know I can never come in this store without thinking about you". Haha! I'm sure Nick was thinking IF YOU ONLY KNEW WHAT WAS ABOUT TO GO DOWN;) .....the rest is history!

EEK! I'm super excited for y'all! XOXO

Special thanks to my friend Lauren Fortune for helping me out!