My friend Web Marshall asked me to photograph a firefighter house burn training they were doing in Milledgeville a couple of Saturdays ago. Several different surrounding counties joined in for this big burn. It's a rare occasion that they have this big of a house to burn for training(it was already burned severely in the inside a while back due to a computer fire I believe). The people that owned the house were nice enough to donate it to the fire department for training. They started off by doing a lot of training before the house started burning by crawling in and out of the house and "rescuing" some dummies through the window along with a lot of other exercises. I had fun seeing how they do things. I was able to go into the house before they set it on fire and take some pictures too. I had to wear a helmet inside the house and that was a challenge taking pictures without that thing falling off haha(I secretly thought it was really cool to wear it though lol)! I just have to do a shout out to my awesome brother-in-law JW Thaxton who is a firefighter in Gwinnett county. He used to be a firefighter for Milledgeville too. I'm very proud to have so many firefighter friends. Y'all are awesome. I also want to do a shout out to EVERY firefighter out there. Thank you for doing what you do and keeping the people around you safe.

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I thought this beam of light was so cool, it's hard to see but if you look close it is a very thin beam going across the image.

The dorky photographer....