Model Photo Shoot in Macon

I've been a part of a local photography group since 2008 when Heather Mason invited me to join. I have learned so much from this group. We get together about once a month. At this particular meet up we did a shoot with this awesome model Kelly Page. We each had 5 minutes to photograph her within a 4 foot square. It was a lot of fun to see all the different things each photographer came up with. This awesome guy below, Neal Carpenter is the leader of the group and is always putting together events, shoot outs, hangouts, etc. ashahphotography_2705


Our incredible model Kelly! I get to work with her again next week and I'm pumped about that!


Candice & Justin. They have been a part of this group for probably a year or so now. Candice 2nd shoots for me at weddings sometimes. While we were doing the shoot of Kelly I asked them to pose for me;) They are getting married in just a few weeks! Aren't they adorable?!

ashahphotography_2709ashahphotography_2710This is Bobby McCullough texting haha! He is one of my favorite videographers! Yes, we have videographers in the group too!