Milledgeville Family Photographer - The Wood Family

The Wood Family

My nephew James is turning ONE! I love documenting my brother's little family life so much.

My FAVORITE way to photograph a child is in their own environment. I love real life pictures & real life stories. At this stage in James' life he is into EVERYTHING. You will see what I mean:)

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This little guy doesn't lack personality;)

ashahphotography_4544 ashahphotography_4545 ashahphotography_4546 ashahphotography_4547 ashahphotography_4548 ashahphotography_4549 ashahphotography_4550

ashahphotography_4551 ashahphotography_4552 ashahphotography_4553 ashahphotography_4554 ashahphotography_4555

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