Macon Georgia Photographer - Megan + Jackson

Megan + Jackson

We both grew up in Georgia and lived 30 minutes away from each other. But it would have been too convenient to meet that way. During the summer of our sophomore year we both took a trip with Harding University for a summer abroad in Florence, Italy. Jackson attends Lipscomb University so not a lot of people knew him at the beginning of the trip. As it would turn out, we ended up sitting next to each other on the plane ride over. Megan has a rule of not talking to strangers on planes, so we rode the whole way over to Italy without saying a word. As the summer started we ended up spending more and more time with each other and figured out that we knew a lot of the same people. We were lucky enough to travel all over eastern Europe together and share amazing memories!


I love how much they laugh together!ashahphotography_5341

Bringing back some memories from Italy by eating pizza at Doughboy Pizza downtown Macon!