Engagement Photo Shoot in Middle Georgia - Dillon + Carla

Dillon + Carla

"Dillon and Carla met a few weeks before Christmas in 2013 when a mutual friend invited them both to a tacky Christmas sweater party. It was not love at first sight. Dillon was wearing a long sleeve turtle neck that was a few sizes too small and Carla was concerned that he may be too much for her quiet, laid back personality. Their lives had crossed paths several times before but neither had ever really introduced themselves to the other. They had both had a few of the same college classes and were working at the same hospital. Dillon got up enough courage to ask Carla for her number the first night they met. After only a few weeks, they became inseparable. Dillon got up the courage to tell Carla that he loved her on May 9, 2014 although they did not make their relationship official until September of 2014. Dillon waited exactly one year from the day he said “I love you” to ask the greater question of, “Will you marry me?"



I am so excited about y'all getting married! It was so much fun meeting y'all and hanging out!! - Ashah