Jeremy & Kelly Thompson

Jeremy and Kelly just got married on June 12th at the Roswell Mill Club in Roswell, Georgia. This wedding was truly a blast and everybody had such a great time. There was endless amount of fun and dancing. Josey and I just left there commenting on how much of a blast we had. Be sure to check out their slideshow because that's what tells the story!

Venue: Roswell Mill Club

Caterer: Events Catering

Cake Artist: Rhodes Bakery

Florist: Country Designs

DJ: Michael Lumsden of Complete Music & Video

How cool are there tuxes?! I loved the suspenders!

We did most of these afterward the guests left....

I had no idea they would actually go down to the river. They surprised me with going this far...

...and then, the next thing I know they are walking down the steep hill to get to the river. I was SO stoked they wanted to do these. They were going above and beyond.

We ran into another wedding party as we were leaving the river part and I wanted to stop and brag to the other photographers what my bride and groom did haha!

Aren't these two amazing?! Look how steep that hill was! They didn't even let it phase them:)

<<<Rewind>>>(a little)

Okay, so I had to show this whole series of images. Check out Jeremy and Kelly sweetly walking through the bubble and then BAM a guest dumps the entire thing

of bubbles on top of Jeremy. I thought the expressions on their faces was hilarious.