Hilton Head Island Engagement Session - Justus + Angelica

Justus + Angelica

"We met freshman year of college (2012) at GCSU, on a Tuesday night at BCM. Angelica was on the worship team and Justus thought she was really cute… and she thought he was really cute too ;). 

A few days later, Justus was sitting in Blackbird Coffee in downtown Milledgeville (soon to become their favorite date spot). Angelica walked in and said “hello” then told Justus to come sit with her if he got “bored.” 

Well, as you can imagine, Justus got “bored” very quickly, and went to sit with this beautiful woman. 

They talked about themselves, family, and their common faith for over two hours. Justus was so enthralled by her love for Jesus and her love for her family that his fascination only increased. Angelica was surprised how easy it was to talk to him and how much they had in common. 

After spending some time together, Justus knew he couldn’t let her pass him by… 

He first asked her out one night after BCM. He managed to get a moment alone with her and and asked her to coffee the following morning, where she replied, “Uhm… I have class at 8:00 and 7:00 is too early. Can I let you know?” 

“Great,” thought Justus, “I don’t have a chance.” 

Ready to embrace rejection, Justus was surprised to get a text message saying that she would be there at 7:00. 

Bright and early, he bought both of them green tea and explained to Angelica the way that he felt about her, and asked her if she would be willing to start “hanging out” together with the intention of moving toward a dating relationship. Once again, she pulled out the “Can I think about it?” card, to which Justus agreed. 

A week later, after many sleepless nights, Justus couldn’t stand the waiting. He asked Angelica if they could discuss their conversation from the week before. He was determined that she would say “no,” but he had to hear it directly from her so that he could move on with his life. 

Surprisingly, she said “yes… under one condition: we go reallllly slow.” 

Justus thought he wanted “slow” too, so he agreed! 

Blackbird, tennis courts, Taco Bell, blindfolds, and an extremely memorable Valentine’s date later, Justus knew there was something special about this girl and that he wouldn’t be content without her in his life. 

March 16, 2013, after a lot of second-guessing, awkward evenings, and Waffle House with his best friend, Jacob, Justus finally mustered the courage to ask Angelica to be his girlfriend. She agreed!

Fast-forward two years, Justus finally had the nerve to ask Angelica to be his wife (it should be pretty obvious at this point that she said “yes”) and the rest, as you can say, is history."


Such a Justus look, I had to...;)


Some of you may not know, this is my little brother! One of the SIX bothers I have been blessed with! LOVE YOU JUSTUS & ANG! -Ashah