Tabby & Jeb

The first time I met Tabby we were meeting up to do her bridal portraits(oh yeah, I need to blog those soon). The moment I met her I felt like we had been friend for a long time. She's just one of those people that I instantly connected with. I like her so much!!!! Her and Jeb actually moved to Florida right after the wedding so I'm bummed about that part. I wish we could have hung out more. Okay, so enough about me and Tabby, this is about Tabby and Jeb (haha)!Β  They got married at the Willis House in Milledgeville. It was such a great place to get married. I loved all the antiques inside and the layout of the whole place. Tabby and Jeb truly are best friends. I loved overhearing Tabby tell Jeb she was trying to high five him right after they kissed during the ceremony. I thought that was so cute. There are a LOT of pictures on the slideshow, so be sure to check that out!

Venue - The Willis House

Caterer - Saralyn Latham (The Willis House)

Cake Artist - Betty Martin