Joseph, Addison, & Bryce

I can't get over Addison's little face in these pictures. I love her expressions and the way she crinkles her nose!!!!

How adorable are her boots?!?!

Big brothers are the best!!!

I don't know what is up with me and seeing snakes on photoshoots(not to scare you *cough*cough*) but we definitely came across this snake skin during the shoot! Ahh!

On my way to the tractor, their horse decided to look at me for a sec. How gorgeous is she?!!!!! Actually I'm not sure if it was a girl or boy but it looks girlie to me.

This is my friend Joseph (I call him Jose, but I'm not sure why). He is Bryce & Addison's awesome uncle. adorable!!!!

Now, for some shots of Jose....(we've been talking about doing these for years for his parents and we finally did them!)

This is the most gorgeous country home! I love it!

Jose recently went on a mission trip to Africa and a woman made him this shirt.