Auburn 7 O'clock

Malcolm proposed to Amy on the campus of Auburn University on the first day of August at exactly 7 o'clock. They met, dated, fell in love, & got engaged on this campus. This town was so cute. They walked me all around the university showing me the exact spot they got engaged and a lot of cool things about Auburn.

Okay, so Auburn has this tradition that when they win a football game, everybody comes out to this particular tree and toilet papers it! Haha! Gotta love it!

"The bench" where they sat right before getting engaged!

So, while Malcolm was trying to buy time so that he could propose to Amy at exactly 7 o'clock(Amy's favorite number), he asked Amy to walk to this trash can to throw some stuff away...she reluctantly went, but obviously found out why he was being so random a few minutes later;)

They are SO cute together!Β 

The future Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton ;)