Amanda + Brian = Winter

Amanda & Brian's wedding was such a  perfect wedding to end my 2010 season with. I arrived at Glow Salon where Amanda and the girls were getting ready early Saturday morning. They were all so cute walking around in they're pajamas putting on their makeup. I was so excited to find out that Amanda would be wearing TOMS for the wedding(I just so happen to be wearing my TOMS for the first time at the wedding too!). Amanda has such a sweet way about her and I love seeing her light up when her and Brian are together.

Ahh! You are so stunning Amanda!

This was one of the cutest "First Looks" I've ever seen! Amanda came up behind Brian and started tickling him. It.was.adorable!!!!

All Brian could say was....I'm speechless.....

Amanda's favorite tree at the church!

Alright, show off those TOMS ;)

Gotta love the TOMS!

Brian's Mom mad a TON of little pies!

This is another thing about their reception that I loved(these were placed on one of the food tables)...

Amanda & Brian, y'all are amazing. Thank you for letting me be your wedding photographer. I enjoyed it SO MUCH!

Be sure to check out their SLIDESHOW for more images!