My Texas Trip

For those of you who know me, know that I travel to Texas to see my best friend quite often. Sometimes while I'm there, her friends/family schedule me to do photo shoots of them. I was really excited when Jesse wanted me to do her senior pictures. Michelle had told me about her a while back and it finally worked out. Jesse is such a sweetie! We picked out several cool locations to work with and Jesse rocked it the entire time! She was so much fun to work with. Her Mom, her best friend, and my best friend all came along for the fun. :)

Jesse's best friend:)

Josh, Michelle, Boss, and I before we left for dinner. I love these people so much! Michelle is pregnant with Chloe Grace so stay tuned for newborn pictures sometime in July! ;)

Now, on to my next stop, Louisiana! I was sad to leave Michelle but excited to see the Kruse family. The Kruse family used to live in Milledgeville until the father, John got a job in Louisiana about a year ago. I love this family so much and I was so ready to see them!

These pics were taken while I was culling Jesse's senior pictures on the plane(with my Mac webcam, so that explains the poor quality;)

I'm hoping nobody saw me do these pics haha! DORK!

I'll be blogging the Louisiana trip tomorrow so be sure to check that out!