Allyson & Daniel will always be special to me. I photographed their wedding about four(ish) years ago. I had just starting my own business and they trusted me enough to let me photograph their wedding. I always look at their wedding as a turning point in my photography. I was shooting weddings but I was shooting "in my own little box" and not venturing out for new looks, ideas, and poses. Allyson sent me an email with several different things she wanted to do. I tried them, and it worked out great! We were all so happy with the pictures and I'm so grateful she "pushed" me.

They are expecting a little baby boy now. I can't wait to meet him! She said they will be back next May(they've moved to Alaska since the wedding) and she wants me to do his first year pictures too! I'm stoked!

It kept raining off and on;)

I love the way they laugh together...