Brooke & Jacob got married this past Saturday at Standing Rocks Farm in Haddock, Georgia. The weather was AWESOME again(I'll stop commenting about the weather once it gets hot fyi;)! I hadn't met Jacob before the wedding so I was looking forward to finally meeting him. We started talking about how he was feeling that day and he said "I'm marrying my dream girl". I thought that was so sweet. I of course told Brooke. It was so cute seeing her get all giddy. As you see in the pictures, they have so much fun together. They do not stop smiling the entire time they are around each other. It's adorable!

Venue: Standing Rocks Farm - Trish Ann

Caterer: Standing Rocks Farm - Trish Ann

Hair Stylist: Jessica Smith

Band: Finesse Band

I don't have the names of the cake artist and the florist, but I'll post them as soon as I know. Both were amazing and I can't wait to post names!f

Brooke's gorgeous dress and super cute hanger. I've heard you can get these hangers on Etsy!

Brooke and her mother watching everybody getting things ready for the ceremony and reception.

I caught Jacob and his mother hugging....

Trish Ann with Standing Rocks did an AMAZING job on all the food!

Deborah did the picture below!

Brooke and her Daddy...

Jacob and his Mom...

Finesse Band did an amazing job throughout the night!

Brooke was given the mic and she told Jacob she was so excited to be Mrs. Ryals.