Milledgeville Georgia Wedding - Lindsey+Matt=Attaway

Matt & Lindsey got married this past Friday! They are two good friends of mine that I've known for years. They got married in Milledgeville at Matt's beautiful family home. Florist: Shana Harpe

Hair Stylist: Kristin Mills Nixon

Caterer: Alice Burns

-Click here to view Matt & Lindsey's engagement pictures

Kristin Nixon (you will probably remember her from several of my past weddings) did all of the girls hair, she rocked it as usual! I love working with her!

Lindsey and her Mama

Matt & Lindsey's first look....

They are such a good lookin couple!

Lindsey's nephew peeking out the window;)

Lindsey, you are gorgeous and I LOVED your dress!

It had hailed the night before, rained earlier in the day, but when it was time for the ceremony...this is what showed up:)

Lindsey and her Dad arrived in style:)

I love this shot Deborah got from inside the house!

This is something I had never seen before and I thought it was cool!

Unity crosses....

The bridal party was invited to pray over it.

The beautiful set up...

The Photo Booth! :)

As they left, they had an intruder (Lindsey's cousin Josh) in the back of the car! Haha!