Trash the Dress

Here we have Emily and Dallas, they got married about a year ago. This past Friday she decided to trash her dress. While we were on our last location we ran into a Macon news crew, WMGT. They asked us what in the world we were doing and when we told them they were about to jump in the river, they got really curious and asked if they could video it for the weather section that night. Of course we said yes and I included the video for you to enjoy:)


Some people have heard of 'Trash the Dress' photo shoots and some haven't. If you haven't let me introduce you:) After your wedding, what are you going to do with your dress? So many people want to keep them locked up in their closet for years but if you are honest with yourself, it will probably just stay there for forever and won't see the light of day. Even after jumping in the river or doing whatever we can come up with, you can always have it cleaned and hang it right back up in your closet, with just a few more stains (or let's just call them memories;).

So, let's trash it.