Imaging USA 2010- Nashville, TN

 Okay so here goes...My first blog post on my new blog! A couple of weeks ago I attended a photography convention put on by PPA (Professional Photographers of America) called Imaging USA. It was by far the best convention I've ever been to. I learned so much from the most amazing photographers. I love being part of it!

 Here is a little about my trip(outside of classes:)...

My friend Kellie Hardemen and I drove up to Nashvegas together. She is the sweetest thing ever.

Road trips are always better with Michael....

We got to see SNOW & ICE! We were so excited! We pulled over on the side of the road somewhere in Tennessee and decided to take some pictures and play in the snow :) PS. I want her SUV really bad!

For some reason she looks a lot like Sandra Bullock in this picture (maybe it's just me, I dunno). 

We were a little excited and had to show off the fact that we were standing in SNOW!!! We hardly ever get to see that white stuff!

 It was gorgeous!

We stayed at the Gaylord Opyrland Hotel and this was our view from our balcony. Let me just tell you, this hotel is about the size of my town(maybe:). I got lost SO many times. It took about two days to halfway figure out how to get back and forth from places. I'm sure that has something to do with my awesome direction skills.

My buddy Jordan Fleming recently moved to Nashville. He has a band that travels around quite a bit now. On one of my breaks from classes he picked me up so we could hang out. I decided to bring my camera at the last minute. He didn't really know he'd be doing a photo shoot but we had fun with it. He showed me all around downtown Nashville. That town is pretty sweet! FYI - this didn't work... He climbed this wall to get on a roof to do some more shots...and while he was on this roof he almost fell down this crazy deep hole up there. All I heard was this bang and then he wouldn't answer me. No worries though, he didn't die(or fall).

The picture below is  my favorite from the day...Thanks Jordan! I had a blast!I thought this church was gorgeous....

Jenny, Amanda, and I hanging out at Neal's party! These girl are hilarious!

We had so much fun we even grew mustaches...

My awesome roomies Kellie & Sandra!

The end! :)