Vidalia Georgia Wedding Photography - Kara+Jamie=Martin

Kara & Jamie are married! They got hitched this past weekend in Vidalia Georgia. Jamie asked Kara to marry him by carving it into a tree. After Kara got frustrated at why Jamie kept talking about how cool of a tree it was, she finally noticed the carving.....and said YES;) Florist: Tommy Windham

Cake Artist: Michelle Jackson

Caterer: Barry's Catering & Floral

DJ: The Blues Factor

I loved Kara's robe, her friend wore it at her wedding and then passed it down to Kara, now Kara is going to pass it down to another friend.

The "First Look"

It was so hot outside so we stayed in the shade most of the time.

I LOVED the sunflowers. It went so perfect with the dresses.

The bridal party all did something different as they were announced to the reception;) It was hilarious!

Kara and her Dad's first dance was hilarious! They had everybody laughing.

The Blue's Factor did a fantastic job!

Why the guests were having a great time dancing, I snuck Kara and Jamie out for a quick night shot.

Phi Mu wedding tradition:)

Kappa Sig wedding tradition...