Hazlehurst House Wedding - Jessica+Tyler=Daniel

After dating since they were kids, Jessica and Tyler got married this past Saturday at the Hazlehurst House in McDonough Georgia. They are a beautiful couple, inside and out. Venue: Hazlehurst House

Careering: Tasteful Events

Florist: Ralph Brooks

Videographer: Lance Smith

DJ: Atlanta Mobile

Hair Stylist: Clippers Pointe -  Tory Padgett

They started the day off at the salon in Dublin...

Back flips are always a plus on the dance floor haha!

Deborah did this one below!

I LOVED photographing their wedding!!!!


We did a "day after photo shoot" this past Monday after their wedding, below is a sneak peek of that. Jessica said she has always pictured her and Tyler in a field with their wedding attire. So, we made that happen!

I will be posting more of this session next week sometime. I can't wait to blog them!