Peachtree Roadrace in Atlanta, Ga

Last Monday on July 4th my friend Chelsea and I ran the Peachtree 10k Roadrace in Atlanta, Georgia. It was SUCH a fun race!!!! It was my second time and her first. We had an absolute blast! I got 17,302 place! Haha! What a dream come true right?! Lol! Okay basically there were 55,000+ people who ran the race and I've never had so much fun running! I'm a slow runner but I finished without stopping and that made me a happy girl:)

I took a few iPhone pics along the way! I'm writing this blog post from the airport on my phone so I have no clue if these images are the right size for the blog. Please forgive me if not, I'll fix it when I get to Texas. ;) Oh, I'm headed to Texas for a few days to visit my best friend Michelle and to meet my new niece who is just over a month old now. I'm stoked!!!

Image #1 There were so many people!!! Image #2 On the Marta! It was soooo crowded! Image #3 After we finished! Image #4 I ran into Emily and Tyler! I'm photographing their wedding in November! It was so cool and random seeing them! Image #5 Celebration drink afterwards;)