Macon Georgia Weddings - Molly+Will=Prestwood

Molly & Will got married at First Presbyterian Church in Macon, Georgia a few weeks ago on a gorgeous summer day....  

Holy cow Molly, you. are. gorgeous. I LOVED her veil!


Can you see a slight similarity between Will and his Dad Walter? Haha!

All the guys kept handing Will really random objects as they walked down the aisle.

Everyone was accusing Will of tearing up during the ceremony, I loved this was hilarious listening to all of them talk about it;)

When the groomsmen all walked up to the front where Will was during the ceremony, they each handed him random items that he had to put in his pocket.

This was probably the biggest wedding party ever....;)


Molly's Dad....;)

I had SO much fun with this crazy group of awesome people!!!!