Libby & Patrick Daugherty - Wedding

Libby & Patrick got married at First Presbyterian Church in Augusta, Georgia. I've known Libby for a while now. She patiently waited for God to bring the right guy and boom! Here comes Patrick! I loved hearing their story of how they started dating. They are so cute together.

Libby's awesome friend Brooke did her make up.

Flowers were by Lady Bug Flowers, I loved how each bouquet and flower arrangement had an adorable little

lady bug in their(a fake one of course, otherwise I wouldn't be saying it was adorable haha).

Libby's girls were awesome!

Okay, I thought this was the sweetest thing. Libby has been writing in a 'husband journal' for about a year now. She had no idea that she would start dating

her friend Patrick shortly after she started writing in it.......and then be married to him less than a year later!!! Woohoo!

This picture is of him writing a note to Libby after he had opened the gift that contained this precious book. Awww!!!!

Red is one of my favorite colors, so this was a plus!

My favorite image from the day....

Heading downstairs to walk down the isle!

They were just a little excited!

This is my favorite part of the wedding day. I love love love when everybody is hugging and congratulating the newly married couple.

There is so much emotion at this time and such a special moment....

A few images got left off when I first posted these. I added a few more to my facebook fan page. Just click HERE to view the otheres!