Bruno - My Chocolate Lab

I don't do many personal blog posts, but here goes! Bruno is my almost four month old chocolate lab. Getting him has been on my bucket list for a long time…..about 4-5 years now. About two and a half months ago I finally found a litter near Statesboro, Georgia, that had a male puppy still available. He was about 6 weeks old at the time and was one of ten other puppies (almost like me—one of nine!-- haha). I had only seen a few cell phone pictures of him before I got there so I was dying to see what he looked like in person (dog?). It was definitely love at first sight.  He was one adorable 10 lb. pup who instantly started chewing on my jeans. It was really cute (the chewing thing isn't so cute now, but it was then;). I finally understood the weird dog people who said stuff  like "my dog is my child", etc. He's definitely my child, and I'm definitely one of those weird, overly obsessed, talks-to-their-dog-like-he's-human, Facebooks-too-many-pictures dog people.

He has taught me a lot over the last few months. My life is so fast paced sometimes and Bruno helps me slow down and enjoy life more.  He makes me take him on walks and just play around outside. I know this may sound silly but I don't normally like to just walk around outside. I want to be accomplishing something like going for a run or working in the yard. Just to walk around wasn't even in my thought process before now. It's been amazing. Slowing down has made me notice the small things in life and I love it.

He also makes me laugh SO much. The way he has doggy dreams, the fact that he is SO clumsy(he gets that from me), how he chases me through the house, how he grabs his toy in front of me and gets me to chase him through the house, the way he tries to eat the air when he sticks his head out my car window, and my personal favorite-- all the different positions he falls asleep in (see pictures of this at the bottom of the blog post)!

***** These are a mixture of pictures from my iPhone and real camera. This is definitely not a post to show my photography work lol! #dontjudgeme *****


The day before I picked him up I had this made at PetSmart! I was SO excited!!! I picked out the name Bruno because I was listening to a Bruno Mars song one day and just thought it sounded perfect. Later I looked up what Bruno meant and found out the translation from Italian to English is "brown". I've found several different answers for it like "brown one" etc. so I'm not 100% sure. HaHa! Regardless, it's a dang good name for this boy.

The day I picked him up: He was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. Poor guy threw up less than a mile after being in my car. He was so scared. Don't judge me for taking a pic while driving. He was just so little and so comfortable on my lap I couldn't help it. This was definitely one of my favorite days ever.

Meeting his cousins for the first time. Left: Bandit (My brother & SIL-Barak & Krystynna's dog) Right: Cutler (my brother-Levi's dog). He's fearless and still doesn't believe he's smaller than them.

Cutler has become his best doggy friend. If we are on a walk and I say "do you want to go see Cutler?", he starts running so fast toward his house. It's so cute but it nearly breaks my arm off.

This makes me laugh so much. The left picture was within a couple days of him being with me and the right was this weekend. He is almost 4 months and HUGE! I'm trying to teach him not to do this lol (he's an inside and outside dog). Bruno's Dad weighs 115 lbs. and his grandfather was big too. So, I'm guessing Bruno is going to be a BEAST!

I love how he falls asleep on my feet while I work;) Sometimes he falls asleep on my feet while I'm washing dishes.

We had a photo booth set up at my house for a Valentines Day party. This is one of my favs of us ever!

I've taught him how to Facebook and edit weddings for me....

He can get away with anything....

I love riding in my car with him!

We introduced him to the river this weekend! He loves it!

This is one thing that make me laugh almost on a daily basis. I catch him sleeping in the weirdest positions. I love it. He's so classy.

This year I am trying to do things that are on my bucket list. I know that life is short and I'm so excited to do things that I've wanted to do for so long. Bruno is one of the best decisions I've ever made and I am so grateful for him.