Mississippi Mission Trip with BCM

At the end of 2008 through January 3, 2009 I went on a mission trip to Mississippi with the BCM group in Milledgeville. We were basically out helping rebuild Lakeshore, MS due to all the damage of Katrina. You wold be amazed at how it still isn't rebuilt all the way. It was a great trip and I really feel like we got a lot done though! God is good! Here are a few pictures of some stuff we worked on and also our visit to New Orleans.

This is where we spent a lot of our time, at Mr. Green's house. He is supposed to be moving in anytime now.

Mr. Green

On our way to New Orleans on New Years afternoon:)

Sometimes I take pictures of really random things, like parking lots.

Or escalators:)

We were walking by this random yellow car sitting in front of this random yellow appartment and I had to make a picture out of it:) It's one of my favorites from my trip.