Dublin Georgia Weddings - Christina+Eddie=Floyd

Christina and Eddie got married by the big tree in their front yard of their NEW house! It's such a beautiful place! I love how sentimental the location is. It was perfect and the weather was amazing! Venue: Their home

Hair Stylist: Kay Dennis and Tammy Cullens

Makeup: Nancy Brewer (Mary Kay Consultant)

Flowers: Family

Cake Artist: Tita Hardman (Brides) and Peter's Place (Grooms)

Catering: Peter's Place

You can check out their engagement pictures here.


A must for weddings down long dirt roads....

Deborah did the picture below....

A butterfly flew in at just the right time....

Christina's spot almost all day;)

I caught her from this side too later on;)

Instead of a unity candle or a sand ceremony, they put a carved out heart together with their initials on it.

Eddie did a "mmm" face right after the kiss, he had everybody laughing!

Deborah did the picture below...