Texas Family Photographer - Michelle+Josh+Chloe

Texas. It's my favorite state after Georgia. I've written about my best friend many times, so some of you know that she lives in Texas. We have been flying back and forth to see each other since we were about 18 years old. Just over a year ago they had a beautiful baby girl named Chloe. I went and visited them about a month ago. We hadn't seen each other since  January so we were about to die.

I love photographing families. Although I photograph families in parks, fields, or wherever, my FAVORITE place to photograph a family with a young child is at their home. I love photographing the real, everyday life. It's called "lifestyle photography" (or at least that's what I call it). I stayed with them for five days so I had plenty of time to capture different moments as they happened.


Michelle and I were hanging out with Chloe on the front porch (I still can't believe she's a Mom!) while she played with some keys....

She started eating the keys, so they were removed from the scene(apparently that's not good for kids). Maybe it's because I'm not a mom, but I love pictures of babies crying(dang that sounds awful). It's just really cute to me(and again, it's real life right?).

The picture below isn't a perfect picture, but it's a perfect moment. It was so cute. Michelle was swinging her up and down, over and over again and Chloe would just smile the biggest smile!

I've never seen a child that looked more like her Daddy....

Helping Mama cook. They still had decorations up from her birthday party over the weekend. They were just too cute to take down right away.

This is part of their Saturday morning routine, dancing to music and reading books while Mommy made breakfast. It was Michelle's time to dance;)

Saturday night bath time!

Diaper change before church...

Watching Daddy outside....

This child has SO much personality!


Alright, it's time to go to the baseball field. It's a special place for them(not this particular field, but baseball fields in general). Josh grew up playing baseball & Michelle has been his forever cheerleader. It's also where she took him to tell him they were pregnant with Chloe about a year and a half after they were married. Josh is also going to school in hopes to become a baseball coach one day.

I had these shirts made and gave them to them on my first trip to Texas to meet Chloe....

They have to be the cutest little family ever!