Amanda + Cody = Hammock

Amanda & Cody - Married at Standing Rocks Farm in Haddock, Georgia. Their wedding was very unique and definitely a blast! They danced while getting ready, they danced down the aisle, they danced up the aisle, and then they danced until late in the evening. Their wedding was one big party and that's exactly what Amanda & Cody wanted. I've never seen so much dancing in my life! I loved it! I laughed the entire time they came down the aisle, it was the best entrance ever!!! I've never had that much fun during a ceremony. Venue: Standing Rocks Farm, Haddock, Georgia owned by Trish Ann

Caterer: Trish Ann

Florist: Trish Ann

Amanda's dress: J.Crew

Amanda's shoes: barefooted

Amanda's hair by: Dawn Culpepper

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I loved all the little details. There was a crossword puzzle on the programs, Amanda and Cody made the coasters themselves, and the pumpkins added the perfect touch to the theme.

Seriously......I love these......

Ahh! I love this!

Please notice the AMAZING Amanda & Cody look-alike bobble heads! I thought this was the cutest thing ever! Cody's looked almost identical to him & Amanda's was super close!

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Amanda & Cody - Engagement

Amanda & Cody are getting married in October! They were such a fun couple. I loved hanging out with them. They are SO cute together. As you see in a lot of the pictures, they have so much fun together and are constantly making each other laugh. I loved that about them! We did these pictures in the woods at Cody's place and then went to Standing Rocks Farm to do the rest of the pictures.

Watch out for their wedding pictures around October, it's gonna be crazy fun wedding! I'm so stoked about it!


"Uhm, I sat on your blackberry, I think there's a black stain on my pocket". -Cody