Bridgeview Barn Wedding - Chelsea + Jimi

Chelsea + Jimi


"I was in my last semester of nursing school in Warner Robins. Jimi lived in Perry. A friend I graduated with was dating Jimi's best friend who also lived near Perry. She asked me several times to come over, but I was always studying. One morning she asked me again and I randomly had time to put down the books to go visit her and meet her new boyfriend. Little did I know, Jimi would be there. I remember pulling up in the driveway, and when I looked out my rear view mirror I saw a big jacked up truck, which then turned a blinker on and pulled into the same driveway. That was Jimi. It was love at first sight. I told my mom that night, the night I first met him, that he was "the one".  And it's been happily ever after since then! :)"

Venue: Bridgeview Barn

Hair & Makeup: Ashley McIntyre

Flowers: Deer Run

Signs: Codee Guyton - Queen Pin

Catering: Save Room for Seconds

Videographer: Robin Bish

Band: Tim Cadiere & Wash Board Road

Cake: Rock Eagle

Dress: Martina Liana

Coordinator/Designer: Kaye Copelan

Second Photographer: Jeremy Ransom






"When I first made eye contact with Jimi, walking across the bridge with my dad, I instantly felt the greatest happiness and excitement I have ever felt. I saw Jimi wiping tears away and my eyes immediately began to fill with tears of happiness and joy. Right when the tears began to fall, my veil caught on some wood from the bridge and was flying in the wind about to fall in the pond. My attention was turned to focus on catching my veil and putting it back on as fast as I could which distracted me at the perfect timing and stopped me from crying. I will never forget the first time we made eye contact as I was walking down the aisle. My stomach was filled with nothing but butterflies and joy as I knew would soon be united with the love of my life. I was about to spend the rest of my life with my best friend."


"I saw you with your dad when y'all first started walking across the bridge. My heart dropped and I was speechless. You were so beautiful. You were glowing. I couldn't stop tearing up because I was so happy that I was about to marry the love of my life. I felt like the luckiest man in the world to know that I was about to marry you and be able to call you my wife."  - Jimi