Downtown Macon Ga - Britt + Ben

Britt + Ben


"We met in college. It is a very small school, so we had seen each other around campus, but never spoke. He played baseball and I played softball, so us meeting was bound to happen. One night, my sophmore year, a girl on my team had some friends over and we were hanging out, then he walked in and when I saw him I got butterflies. After we started dating, he told me that when he saw me that night, he told his friends, "that's her, I'm talking to her tonight." So we hung out that night and got to know each other a little bit. It was funny because I realized that I told him my entire life story that night and I usually don't talk that much, especially first meeting someone. Us dating was a process though because I was so oblivious and naive to his little hints about wanting to date. He probably asked for my number 15 times. Thank goodness I finally caught on because after we really started hanging out and dating, I knew that God placed him in my life at the most perfect time. I knew he was my one before he knew I was his. He is definitely my best friend and I can't remember what life was like before I knew him. We knew were going to marry each other not too long after being "official". We made it through college together! Shortly after graduation, on Memorial weekend, he was getting ready to go to Canada to play baseball for the summer. I planned a day of us going out to eat, to the Braves game, and to SkyView Atlanta (the big ferris wheel) in Centennial Park downtown. As we were walking to the ferris wheel, he said "hold on, I forgot my wallet". Which, looking back, is weird because he never takes his wallet out of his pocket. So I stood on the corner and he ran back to the truck. We went to the ferris wheel and I noticed he was acting goofier than normal, but I didn't think anything of it. We get in the little bucket and start the ride. It was so awesome! Atlanta lit up is really pretty and we got to see it from the top! So we are riding, just goofing around and making jokes and he starts wiggling around trying to get on one knee. He is 6'4", just fyi. And I immediately start questioning him and wondering why his crazy self is doing this in a tiny cart on a huge ferris wheel, a billion feet in the air. He starts talking and I, of course, interrupt and say, "Is this real life? Are you for real right now? What are you doing?" (he played an April Fool's joke proposal on me) and I am awkward so of course I "ruin" his moment! He tells me to hush and keeps talking and all I remember is him saying, "I want to go through life with your hand in mine, will you marry me?" Of course I say yes!! It was perfect and wonderful and amazing and I will forever have butterflies, a smile, and very blesses and full heart. 
He tells me that he always had his eyes on me ever since he saw me on campus one day, then at a baseball game. When he wanted to talk to me, he found out that I had a boyfriend back home (this was freshman year).  We even saw each other at Walmart one day and made awkward eye contact because we both got caught staring at each other. God's timing is always perfect and through everything in my past Ben was always a part of my story."