Americans + Fireworks + Canadians + Katie+Ryan=Milligan Eh?

First of all, I have to tell you that this wedding has two things about it that I will NEVER forget. Two words: Speedo & Fireworks. I've never laughed so hard at a wedding(pictures below), and I've never been so scared in my life(video below). Just keep reading/looking.... Katie & Ryan met on a cruise! How cool is that?! He is from Canada, she is from Milledgeville, Georgia(only the best little town ever!). The wedding was at her parent's home on Lake Sinclair. It was such a beautiful day. It only rained for a few minutes but that made it really cool down so the weather was great!


This was one of the sweetest first looks ever! Ryan started crying and it was precious!

Deborah did the picture below, get it Cuz!

Haha! I love my "job" ;)

I LOVE this shot Debo got(below)!


This couple LOVE LOVE LOVES to laugh. I have so many pictures of them laughing. I mentioned it to Katie and she said that's one thing about them, they can't stay mad at each other for long because one of them will crack a joke and make the other one laugh. I thought that was so precious!


I love this series!!! They trip me out!

I told Katie to pop her leg out a bit when she kissed Ryan, either Ryan just heard pop your leg out or he was joking, I never could figure that one out. Regardless, I loved the images;)

This is my favorite shot of them.....


I learned something at this wedding too. Canadians say "Eh" a LOT! I asked them about it and they had to explain to me what it meant. They use it like this.... "That was a great pic eh?" Do you like the cake eh?" "Cool music eh?".

The wedding party was awesome!

Their relatives that couldn't attend watched the wedding via Skype! They even made it into a family picture like this;)


Okay, so for the FUNNIEST moment in my wedding photography career(even over the dog peeing on the band's amp). Kevin, Katie's brother decided to strip down to a speedo that said "Security" on the back.

I kept thinking, oh he'll stop after the shirt....oh no....wait he's going for his belt.....uhm.....okay whatt?!


Okay, on to sweeter moments....

Romantic shot?! KEVIN!!!!

Ryan and his younger brother stopped off for a chat during the reception, love this shot of them....

Now, on to the scariest moment of my life....The night was going GREAT! Everyone was gathered around the dock, they had a huge fireworks display going on. I was with the Katie and Ryan about to do a shot of them with the fireworks when all of a sudden, one of the fireworks shot at us instead of up, then TONS of fireworks started shooting out AT us and the guests and towards the house. It looked like something you would see in a war movie, everybody was running back to the house for cover and fireworks were shooting in every direction. It was SO loud. I quickly hid behind a tree in a bush with a guest. I was freaking out. I don't think I've ever been so scared.

After it stopped I helped put a bush fire out. Apparently a spark or shot made a box of them all go off at once which made more boxes go off, etc.  Several of the guests and the Ryan got slightly burnt, one guests(Patrick) was burned pretty bad on the face and back and couldn't hear out of one ear. Deborah had just gone up to the house to get something and when she looked out she thought I had to be dead or burning(hahaha).

To answer the question that you are probably thinking of...NO I didn't get pictures of the ordeal. I was hiding for cover and didn't even think about taking pictures. Call me a bad photographer, I don't care, I'm a wedding photographer, not a war scene photographer. booya. ;)

This shot was taken about one minute before everything went down...


As for the video....Katie sent me this video that someone videoed on a boat nearby! It was nuts.



Patrick deserves a picture of his cut/burnt face and ear! He was such a good sport.


Here is the important part. It took about 45 minutes for people to calm down, talk it out, bandage up, but after that....people started dancing again(thanks to Big Larry DJ & the bridal party). That's what really mattered.

The photo booth was a hit!!

I love all the dancing....I thought it was a significant point to this whole ordeal. Even after something so scary, they got back up and started dancing.....

I overheard Ryan tell one of his groomsmen who was about to get married "beat that!"