Southern Wedding at Twin Oaks Farm - Taylor & Jeremy

Taylor + Jeremy

 "We met in the hall at break my freshmen year of high school. Jeremy pulled me towards him by a boa I had on for spirit day and I've been hooked ever since! Its hard to believe that was over 9 years ago, and its even harder to believe that after all this time he still manages to give me the same butterflies I had in the hall all of those years ago. I'll forever be thankful that God placed such a special person in my life. He is truly a gift; one I feel undeserving of at times." 



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What was your first dance song?

"My Best Friend by Tim McGraw"

How did you feel when you saw each other for the first time on the wedding day?

"Peace! Its so easy to get consumed in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day and get so caught up in the little details that you catch yourself forgetting what the day truly represents. We saw each other for the first time when I walked down the aisle. Once I stepped through the arbor and made my first step towards him nothing else mattered but him, and knowing I was about to marry my best friend was the most peaceful and assuring feeling I’ve ever felt. That moment is what makes the blood, sweat, and tears you put into planning your wedding day totally worth it! My second thought: he is smoking hot :)" - Taylor

"She's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." - Jeremy

What was the most memorable moment of the day?

All of the feels!! We will always remember the happiness and love we felt that day, and to be surrounded by our family and friends was icing on the cake.

If you could do it all over again, would you change anything?

"Jeremy says he wouldn't change a thing. For me, there are a few things that could have been more organized, but at the end of the day we were still married and that's all that mattered to us!"

Do you have any advice to other brides & grooms?

"Don't lose sight of what your wedding day is about! Soak it all in. Oh, and leave room in your budget for a videographer. The day flies by too fast!" 

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

"Costa Rica"


Venue: Twin Oaks Farm

Catering: Creekside Caterers

Wedding Cake: Marti's Cakes & Catering

Hair: Melissa Sterling

Makeup: Drew Graham

Dress: Essense of Australia

Florist: Classic Florist

Band: Nu South Playaz

Videographer: Small-Town Films

Second Photographer: Andy & Aimee Carter

Dublin, Georgia Country Club Wedding - Leigh Anne+Hunter=Bennett

Leigh Anne & Hunter met at a wedding after party over four years ago. This past Saturday, it was THEIR wedding party time! You may remember them from their engagement pictures last year. They got married at First United Methodist Church in Dublin, Georgia & their reception was at the Dublin Country Club.

The florist did an awesome job! Classic Florist & Home Decor!

Deborah did the picture below...

Leigh Anne and Hunter wanted to do their first look a little different. They closed their eyes until they were next to each other holding hands. On the count of three they opened their eyes for the big reveal!

Deborah did the picture below...

Deborah did the picture below...

I love them!

Hunter, you are so James Bond right now!

Deborah did the picture below...

Leigh Anne reppin' her Dad's company when she saw one of his trucks;)

I'm in love with these close ups of Leigh Anne, she is stunning!

Deborah did the picture below...

Nu South Playaz did an amazing job keeping the party going all night!

Deborah did the picture below...

Deborah did the picture below...