Trash the Dress - Oahu Hawaii

Annalee & Donald decided to do a Day After session that turned into a Trash the Dress session! Deborah and I couldn't have been more excited at this opportunity. Like I said in the previous blog post Oahu, Hawaii is the prettiest place I've ever been in my life. We really couldn't have asked for a better situation.  Annalee and Donald were up for ANYTHING, they were so much fun, and obviously super good looking! So, we were SLIGHTLY excited! As we got to the downtown area, it started raining. Well, that didn't stop us because we just ran into the grocery store and bought some cute umbrellas. Boom. Done. It only rained for a little while and then it was done for the day. Yay! Oh, if you don't know me, after being around me for a few minutes, you will realize that I love the word "yay!". Don't judge. ;)

God really worked out EVERY detail of this trip. My friend Tatum (who used to live in Honolulu) told me about this amazing spot. I know this is super girly, I had to hold back from crying when I saw this location because I had never seen anything so beautiful.

My favorite picture from the entire trip.....

This photo shoot took several hours from start to finish. We were all tired and hot. Like I said before, Annalee and Donald were such troopers.

I love this picture of them because they were SO happy to cool off. How freeing is it to just jump in the your wedding Hawaii?!

As Donald put it in his comment on Facebook, "SEXY WIFE ALERT"! ;) Yes, I stalked. Sorry;) Y'all are too cute.


Emily+John Mark=Thomas - Day After Session in Milledgeville Georgia

Emily & John Mark got married this past December. You can check out their wedding here. They wanted a "Day After Session" several months later when it got a little warmer outside. Emily is my brother-in-law's sister, so we are related...ish...:)  

We did all of these downtown Milledgeville, Ga!