New Website Coming Soon!

I'm launching a brand new website this week! The website address will be the exact same.Β You will now be able to access it from your iPhone, iPad, and other mobile devices. The pics below are a sneak peek of the "new look". The blog will be getting a new coat of paint as well! ;) I'm SO excited!

My New Logo

Hey there! If you haven't noticed yet, I have a new logo! You have seen a lot of black, white, silver/gray, and red on my website, blog, and Facebook fan page. Well, the colors are changing a bit too. I'm moving away from black, gray/silver, white, and red and going towards black, cream, and a hint of red. I know, I'm so wild(from GRAY & White to CREAM - haha). Even though it's a small change, it's something I really like. I really like simple and clean. My office/studio is changing too and I will invite everybody over for an open house hopefully next month!