Mollie + Casey - Forsyth, Georgia Engagement

Mollie + Casey

"I cannot tell you the exact day or time I met Casey Stuart Chafin, but I can tell you that we became “Facebook friends” in February of 2013. One of my closest friends, Natalia, knew Casey from high school and introduced us sometime during our freshmen year of college. Georgia College was a small school in a small town therefore I saw Casey quite frequently and we were usually at the same parties together due to having a few mutual friends.

During the summer after my freshmen year I was renting a room at the Grove apartments (shout-out to Milly Parks for the most comfortable bed) since we had to be out of dorms, I needed to stay in town for a summer job, and the apartments we were moving into were not ready for us until August. I specifically remember sitting in the back of Casey’s truck one summer night in the Grove parking lot just talking about life, and how it was time I needed to learn how to cook a meal for myself using a stove and an oven. Being the giving person that he is, Casey agreed to ride with me to Kroger and help me grocery shop! On the way home from Kroger I got caught in the speed trap on 441 that winds down from a 55mph zone to a 45mph zone and was pulled over and handed an expensive speeding ticket, all while some guy I barely know sits in the passenger seat laughing at me.

Fast forward to the spring of 2014 when I needed a date for my sororities semi-formal and I asked Casey to go with me. Anyone that knows Casey knows that he is without a doubt one of the most genuine, kind, and trustworthy men around, so why not ask him? To this day, that was one of the most fun nights I have ever had! Casey brought me out of my shell and actually got me on the dance floor! If you know me you know that I sure cannot dance, but he managed to swing me around all night and I was able to keep up with him- somewhat.

This is where things get real interesting…

I graduated college in May of 2016 and moved to Macon ready for a fresh start. I was so excited to start my very first “real” job here in town. My sweet friends Karlee and Kyle wanted to meet for dinner to celebrate me having graduated and settled in my new house, so we decided to meet at The Brick, since they had just opened up a Macon location in addition to their Milledgeville franchise. Typical of the both of us, Karlee texted me and said they were running a bit late which was fine with me because I was too. I walked into the Brick, scanned the place for Karlee and Kyle and then froze when I saw Casey. He looked up, smiled, and waved at me, but I saw that he was (…..on a date….) and I all of a sudden got incredibly awkward. I had not seen Casey in a long time, nor had I thought about him, so there was no rhyme or reason to the way I acted but I had a very brief “Hi how are you? Yes I am fine. Okay see ya, gotta go” sort of interaction. The rest of the dinner with my friends I was just thinking about Casey and what I had just walked in on. I got up the courage to text Casey when I got home and apologize for the way in which I acted. Casey came over the following Saturday to catch up as friends since I was just laying on my couch doing nothing that day. It was that evening as I was listening to Casey chat about what he has been up to since the last time I saw him, in which I realized that out of nowhere I desperately wanted to know everything I could about this person that I never had a single thought about dating until that very moment. It was clear as day in my mind that there was something between us, whether Casey was feeling the same way or not. I kid you not- I excused myself, went to the bathroom, looked myself in the mirror and said “Mollie… you are falling for Casey Chafin. WHAT?” We had a drink at Bourbon Bar and strolled around downtown Macon and then all of a sudden we were holding hands as we crossed the street in the pouring rain! Sweet relief swept through me as Casey must have been feeling the same way (or maybe he was just being nice and did not want me to fall on the wet pavement…) Friends catching up turned into the most incredible “first date.”

It has been quite the journey dating, falling in love with, and now having the honor of saying yes to that man. I am overwhelmingly ecstatic to marry you, Casey!" - Mollie