3 Sisters, 3 Engagements, 3 Weddings - The McElhenney Sisters

Since 2010 I've had the privilege of photographing all 3 of the McElhenney sisters. I've photographed each of their engagements pictures and weddings. I feel like I'm somehow part of their family now(I know, I'm weird but I can't help how I feel!;)! Basically I just I love them!

Cristi's Engagement  -  Cristi's Wedding

Carri's Engagement   -  Carri's Wedding

Leslie's Engagement  - Leslie's Wedding

Earlier this year they asked me to do a photo shoot of all 3 of them in their wedding dresses for their mother. It was so much fun!

One common theme for all of their shoots, you MUST wear boots to photograph these women. EVERY photo shoot is an adventure through some type of field, creek, or woods;)

We were just minding our own business trying to take pictures and the cows decided to get a little "crazy" ;)